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Nicky Burles 

A childhood spent on Earth’s edge exploring the rugged beauty of Tasmania’s remote Tasman Peninsula, Nicky Burles’s affinity with precious objects started early.

After honing his craft under the tutelage of jewellers in Australia and abroad, Nicky now has over two decades of experience designing and hand-making bespoke creations.

Paying homage to jewellery from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras, his work elevates old-world aesthetics and techniques while showcasing modern boldness.

“A true piece of jewellery has a certain level of mystery and intrigue; it invites you in.”

The exceptional quality of Nicky’s intricate creations is testament to his respect and love of purposefully hand-crafted jewellery; a thoughtful and rare commodity in a largely mass-produced market.

Nicky’s Sydney studio is a treasure trove of rare and precious colourful stones waiting to be incorporated into unforgettable jewellery designed and made to stand the test of time.

“I have to make something beautiful and with true meaning. In an ever-accelerating world, I want people to take away something special that is just for them.”

Nicky Burles holds jewellers loupe to face, examining an engagement ring

The way I see it, a beautiful piece of antique jewellery is like looking into a window in time, holding all the memories of its past and place in the world.

If you would like a live view of what i do, please head to my instagram @NickyBurles as I aim to give you an insight into my craft of goldsmithing, an artform that has been passed down from generation to generation, artisan to artisan, for thousands of years. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world’s finest jewellers and part of what I want to do here is to share my journey and take you into my world of goldsmithing, gemstones and personal connections.


I hope you enjoy the ride!