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An emotional alchemist, Nicky Burles translates precious relationships into stunning, one-of-a-kind, pieces of jewellery.


An emotional alchemist, Nicky Burles translates precious relationships into stunning, one-of-a-kind, pieces of jewellery.

With unrivalled connections to his customers and craft, collaborating with Nicky is an empowering experience that will explore your tastes and desires, as well the more practical implications of budget and wearability. 

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Hidden Details

The cornerstone of Nicky Burles

Each piece should be beautiful from every aspect. Whether thats an ornate engraving, filigree or a hidden stone.
These tiny features elevate the piece into the next level of fine jewellery, with each aspect thoughtfully designed and crafted

“Creation doesn’t just start and finish with a material object; it’s a process that involves story and emotion, and one that I hope will leave you knowing yourself a little better than before.”

— Nicky Burles

Start to finish - amazing.

Not only is Nicky an incredibly talented craftsman and designer, he made what had been the stressful experience of choosing an engagement ring an immensely enjoyable one.

We came to Nicky with no set ideas of what we wanted and he led us on a journey that gave us the most perfect piece we could have wished for. The result is a ring that we both love, is something we created together, and we that know was crafted with love.

We cannot recommend Nicky highly enough. Thank you for being a part of this special time!

— Katy Preston

Intuitive Design

Nicky is a very talented craftsman and artist whose skills stretch much further than design, gemstones and metals, into interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence.

When my wife and I were trying to decide on a design for our wedding ring, we were stuck and couldn’t give Nicky a clear idea of what we wanted other than “something unique”. Nicky was able to tease out of us something of great meaning that we weren’t able to articulate until he helped us draw it out. It was of my favorite river, my spiritual home back in NZ. Now every time I look at it I see my river and know that I am home with the love of my life.

— Steve Willis

Master Craftsman

Thank you to the exceptionally-gifted Nicky enough for bringing an idea to life in the most breathtaking way, patiently shaping and making it with so much love, creativity and talent.

Nick is a true master of his craft; creating this ring was a beautiful process and I cannot recommend him highly enough if you're looking to design your own significant piece of jewellery.

— Rebecca Gibbs