Bespoke Diary now open for 2024

Are you nearly ready to ‘Pop The Question’?

There’s so much to think about : Where will I ask it? When will I ask it? What will I say? What about the ring? THE RING! Where do I even start with the ring?!

Be calm. Let me introduce you to one of my closest friends, Nicky Burles. Nicky will be able to remove much of your anxiety - at least as far as the ring is concerned.

If you are looking for something timeless, something elegant and the perfect symbol of the love that you and your partner share then Nicky is your man.

How does this all work?

Firstly you will come in and meet Nicky. He will have a selection of gemstones for you to consider. Nicky’s expert knowledge of diamonds and coloured gemstones will guide you through what may seem a daunting task and make it a joyous journey of discovery. He will talk with you about what sort of design you might like. You may not even have a clue what you want, all you know is that you are in love and you want to make it official - to shout it from the rooftops... to put a ring on it! Relax. Nicky will get to know you and your partner and will guide you through the process. Maybe there is a special place, a special time that evokes strong feelings for you both. Bring along anything that can help you articulate your love. 

By the end of the first appointment you will leave feeling clear about the direction you would like to take. Nicky will then develop some designs and quotes based on what you have discussed.



Bright Blue 5ct Ceylon Sapphire in handmade Art Deco platinum engagement ring


Second Appointment:

Nicky will present the designs he has developed after your first appointment. He will discuss all aspects of each design with you and invite you and your partner to express how you would like to refine any aspects of the concepts so Nicky can create the perfect ring for you. You will also receive clear pricing and an estimated timeline for the production of your piece. By now you should be getting a pretty clear idea on which stone or stones feels like the best match for your match.

Not everyone knows straight away which design or stones they like most but through the process they will generally keep coming back to one design or gemstone. 

Third Appointment

If your design needs further refining you will meet again with finalised concepts. Rest assured  by then you will be ready to commence making your dreams come true.


Once you give the go ahead Nicky will get to work. Before the final stages of gemstone setting and polishing Nicky will call you in for a size check and viewing and then it’s time to add the finishing touches. 

Final appointment

Time to collect that sparkling symbol of your everlasting love!